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Cloud Signage

Our Solutions

Whatever the type of business, we have an appropriate solution!

Xopvision wins International Award

The XOPVision Cloud Digital Signage, a digital signage solution developed in Portugal, was the winner of a contest sponsored by the Creative Industries Network of Entrepreneurs held in Barcelona on October 15 and 16 of 2015.

XOPVision wins International Award

As part of the Clnet project, Creative Industries Network of Entrepreneurs, a workshop on creative entrepreneurial venturing took place in Barcelona last October 15 and 16. The Portuguese project XopVision was the winner.

What is XopVision
Cloud Digital Signage

XOPVISION is a communication tool which uses televisions, monitors, smart phones or tablets, strategically located in private or public places, with the main purpose of transmitting advertising and informative messages. This new way of communicating allows consumers to recognize the brand, by showing its products, more competitive prices, campaigns, promotions, and events.

Eliminates the creation of posters, billboards, printing of updated content and complements or replaces traditional posters, billboards or brochures with dynamic content - animation, video and sound.

Supports different types of media (video, text, photos, animation, music) and external data sources (RSS channels, news, weather…).

A multimedia tool for your business with TV features, but without the need for data centers or large investments.

Simplifies remote and centralized management by adding instantaneous updates. This service can be used wherever and whenever you can.


The XOPVISION platform is the first cloud solution based solely on SaaS software as a service and is designed to run independently of hardware since its inception.

SaaS Model no need for licensing, only a subscription.

How it Works

The digital signage devices are controlled by a cloud solution, allowing users to easily change the content over the internet.

It can be used in televisions, monitors, smart phones or tablets…

Technical Support

No need for data centers or large IT departments. Keeping servers and making updates is our responsibility!!!

We focus on simplifying our solutions.

Ideal for your business

XopVision allows brands, products or services to make their messages available in places frequented by clients, on their mobile devices (by downloading an APP), contributing to strengthening the brand associated with a positive and differentiated experience and influencing the buyer’s decision.

We provide numerous solutions for Marketing/Branding that allows visualization in a dynamic way.

Features and Compatibility

So simple to use, the only requirement is creativity


.jpeg, .png, .pdf with slideshows and preset animations


.mp4, Youtube, live-streams, radio


Animated HTML Content (.svg, .swf), webpages, url and much more!


Internal or External news feeds with regular updating

Date and Time

Time Widgets with several presets as well as dates and time formats


Weather Widgets with presets and different locations

Digital Menus

What is it?

The digital menu Multixop® is an innovative concept, which purpose is to exert influence on the consumer that facilitates the selection of one or several products. The digital menu Multixop® promotes your articles for sale by categories and in several languages and it can associate an image and description to each product. If the product is sold out, you can update the information in real-time, which avoids constraints, errors and wastes of time while ordering. Apart from the gastronomic experience, the customers are involved in a true interactive experience that makes them the center of all attention.

Table Checks

By using the Multixop® point of sale terminal, the clients can be offered their table checks in a digital format. This allows you to save the paper normally used to print bills. The customer can check the items, insert their tax data and with a single touch send the confirmation of their bill to the POS terminal, which makes this process faster and less prone to mistakes.

Interactive Display

With the Multixop® interactive display, your clients can follow in real-time all the purchases they’ve made, with the total cost, and check all their tax data, avoiding mistakes and delays at the checkout. The Multixop® interactive display is also dynamic, allowing you to add advertising images, videos and messages. Creating your own advertising campaigns has never been easier. There is no need for technical infrastructures or advanced IT knowledge, everything is done in a very simple and easy way.

Tickets - Waiting in Line
Queue Management System (QMS)

The XopVision QMS solution is a modular and low cost solution that allows you to manage waiting/customer service queues on multiple locations with multiple services.

What is it?

The XopVision QMS solution is a modular and low cost solution that allows you to manage waiting/customer service queues. The XopVision QMS enables the customer service management on multiple locations with multiple services, providing real-time data through the XopVision cloud platform, so that decisions can be made by managers on the operation of their customer services. All solutions were designed so as to adapt to different business needs, from the large hospital to the small butcher's shop, the objective is to meet all their real needs, from the simple customer service in a company up to large scale customer service in public services.


Reduce customer waiting time and increase employees' productivity;
Automatic updating of the number of tickets;
Automatic notification of new tickets with or without simulated voice;
Advertising products or services taking advantage of customers waiting time.


Improvement of your company's image;
Real-time reports, priorities and indicators for the customer services;
Reduction of waiting time and a more efficient customer service;
More quality in the service provided to customers;
Rerouting of users between services through attendance priorities by service.


Aiming to reconcile in a simple and effective way a POS Terminal with the current management of your business. Interactive and intuitive menus to simplify your business and optimize your sales.

What is it?

Multixop emerged from the need to combine in the same product, in a simple and effective way (that meets the increasingly comprehensive needs of today’s market), a POS terminal with the current management of your business. In the Multixop for the catering industry we gave special attention to the sales area, making it faster and intuitive in order to reduce the transaction time and make transactions more reliable. The easy interaction between the menus and sales articles will also allow you to reduce the waiting time between each transaction.

Sales Menu

In the same screen you will be able to view available tables, use multiple employees without having to complete any operation, make mixed payments, issue receipts for sales, table checks and cash sales, cancel incorrectly registered products, separate a bill in several parts, check existing stock, send messages to remote printers, in addition to other types of queries and system readings.

Other Characteristics

Multiple Access and Users
Easy Programming
Table Management
Cash Outflow
Suppliers Forms
Article Entries
Warehouse Management
Sales Analysis
Several Listing Formats
Windows OS


Remote Drawer
Printer for Receipts
Printers for Requests
Barcode Reader
Connection to Back Office Software
Magnetic Band Card Reader

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